A couple of words about tone-wood:


What I can disculose at this point is the name of the location where I get all my tonewood from:


Adresse : Eibenstraße 18-20, 61118 Bad Vilbel, Allemagne
Téléphone :+49 6101 802260
It’s a small city next to Frankfurt. they have a good inventory of wood all year around with a very fine (and large) selection of European spruce tops (even the Bachman mastergrades etc.), many cedar tops, and a quite large variaty of exotic wood for backs and sides. From KOA over Katalox, bubinga etc. etc.
You can find a detailed pricelist on the website, and early this year they opened an Webshop where you can see what’s available with pictures etc.
However, I don’t buy wood on the internet because I want to “feel” and inspect it in detail.
Some interesting resources about tonewood in general:
And that’s what the upcoming section of this part of the site will be all about: How to chose the right wood for your first guitar…