Walnut model on its way

It’s been a while…

Have been pretty occupied practicing and playing. For most of the year so far. Not much happened on the building front since the Brazilian Rosewood guitar I completed in December last year.

This guitar is the first guitar that I donot builf for myself. Its a special gift for my father in law. We’ll visit them over the summer for a couple of weeks, and by then it should be completed (with the shellac and drying time) … Even so the actual building can be achieved in about 2 weeks, you cannot really cut short on the traditional shellac finnishing and resulting drying time.

I also decided to try and have it completely built in less than 2 weeks.

So far it’s been 7 days (and a good 55 hours of intensive woodworking!!!)

Since the building process is more or less the same I won’t re-explain all the various steps etc. You are welcome to check the pages of my previous guitars for all the details and explanations.

Please find below a couple of pictures I took over this week. Since it “only” took a week I was pretty busy working and trying to keep al my fingers 🙂 reason why I didn’t really take too many pictures.

Please enjoy: