Travel electric nylon

The first guitar I built in 2013 was an electric nylon travel guitar.

The reason was simple: I wanted a solid compact nylon string “feel” and well souding instrument to practice away from home.


It should fit any standard size handcarry type suitcase. I opted for a high-end piezzo pickup from shadow (their sh 4020c model), and except fretwire and tuning machines the rest is made of solid maple wood with an indian rosewood fretboard. Scalelength is standard 650, and had I known better at the time, then I could have chosen a 640 of even 630 scalelength to reduce the overall lenght of another 2 cm.

Surprise: I would have never expected that the building process in itself would be so much fun, and that it would change my life 🙂 as it did…

I did not document the building process at all, which is a pitty, but as I said, I did never expect it to become a goal in itself…

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Shadow electronics website:

Under classical guitars search for onboard panoramic preamps.