Blanko model

Cypress back and sides with a spruce top and cedar neck

Even though I have kept the sides and back a little on the heavy side given that cypress is a very “soft” wood, this is by far the lightest of the 3 guitars I’ve built.

The cypress makes for a very pleasant lemon like smell that remains after the guitar is finished, and since it is so light, you can really feel all the wood vibrations when playing it. I think she is the one I prefer from the 3.

Agains common beliefs, cypress is not dedicated to flamenco guitars, and makes for an excellent choice for classical guitars. Like with most things you have to know what the impact of this design choice will be on the sound of the instrument. Cypress is a soft wood, and tends to absorm more vibrations than indian rosewood for instance. This is really notable and the sound is less aggressive with fewer overtones or harmonics in the high register. The basses are also very present and woody. I tend to favor this type of sound. It is by no means quiter than the prototype, and has it’s own character. According to my teacher it tends towards the more traditional spanish sound, whereas the prototype and specially the bubinga model with its ultra-thin cedar top have more the characteristics of typical what I would call “modern german guitars”.

In the end it is a question of personal preference. Wouldn’t the world be boring if we all liked the same things?