I would like to say a special “Thank you” to the following two individuals:

John Bogdanovich.

I have learned so many things about guitar making from John’s great DVD set and book. Without this material I would probably have never had the courage to start, less succeeded in my journey. Thx John!

I can only recommend John’s material, and I have yet to find anything that would even come close.

Please visit his website at


Ervin Somogyi.

Ervin’s book “The responsive guitar” is amazing. If you want to understand why your guitar sounds the way she sounds…. (and you take that desire serious) then there aren’t many alternatives out there. (At least none I would have been able to find during my year of intensive pre-building research).

Please visit Ervin’s website at


In combining both knowledge-bases, and by investing sufficient time and a lot of passion you will not only succeed in building yourself a amazing guitar, but you will understand why you succeeded, and from there how to try and improve things, or how to target “your sound”, or your design… in your next projects.