bought some more tonewood

Was back to Espen in Bad Viebel last month. found some beautiful Santos rosewood and a lovely set of european walnut for my next 2 builds. Will start the next one after summer vacation. The idea is to have both finished before end december… Will post pictures of the wood samples shortly.

for the tops I will move back to mastergrade Engelman spruce. even though the bubinga guitar with its red cedar top does sound extremely good. (Mika and Alex believe the bubinga to be the best sounding instrument I’ve built so far) however, since I build instruments for myself 🙂 (how selfish does that sound lol) I really prefer the sound precision and refinement you can get from an optimally tuned top quality spruce top.

I still have a spare bookmatched set of western red cedar and some indian rosewood back and sides from my very first visit to Espen, so that the first built in 2016 might be cedar 🙂

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